Attracting and supporting the next generation of farming with IT tools.

In many developing countries, the younger generations frequently turn away from the farming careers of their families, opting instead to seek out other careers, frequently in cities. Farming is unattractive due to the difficult labor involved and the all-too-common inability of farmers to earn a good income for their efforts.  The disappearance of an entire generation of farmers will certainly have a long term effect on global food stability, in addition to losing many generations of local farming know-how and culture.

Ironically the next generation frequently possesses skills which can improve the economics behind farming in their area.  They are usually more exposed to, experienced in, and willing to experiment with technology.  IT based farm management tools and online resources for farmers enable them to increase yields, reduce resource usage (water, pesticides, fertilizer), experiment with different strategies and monitor those experiments, and be better connected to markets to sell more effectively.

IICD has a nice video explaining how IT tools can attract young farmers back to the fields, and provide them the means to earn a viable income for their efforts.