What should you do when you come to Amsterdam?  Well, most people want to do at least a few touristy things, like visit a museum, take a boat ride, or take a walking tour (all great ideas - do them!).  There are plenty of sites and books out there outlining these activities, so I won't mention them here.

If you'd like to see what Amsterdam is for me, here are some things you can do in-between visiting the usual landmarks and just walking around.  For me, Amsterdam is about biking through beautiful streets and canals, sitting outside on a terrace (weather-permitting) in a unique location, or visiting unique cafes.

So below I've put these things on a map.  There's "areas" which you're likely to find yourself in regardless, with my tips and comments.  I've also put my favorite places to have a beer, lunch, or coffee with friends, as well as some markets and parks.  It's a work in progress.